Posted by: mistahkurtzhedead1998 | August 17, 2012

First Post August 17, 2012

I’m starting a Blog which will be mostly a Diary to allow anyone who is interested a glimpse into my mostly very boring life. I’ve entitled my blog ‘mistahkurtzhedead’ or Mistah Kurtz he dead. This is a line from Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness’ which T.S. Eliot used as the first line to his poem ‘The Hollow Men.’ Both are well worth reading. Links to each are added here:

Heart of Darkness – free from Project Gutenberg

The Hollow Men – Direct Link to poem and analysis

Now I will post it and see

(A few minutes later…) It posted well and now I will read the links I have posted . . . again, just to refresh my poor old easily forgetting memory.



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